Arc Loudry (KIA)

(Deceased) A halfling that have spent long years in school, is meant to be the arcane guy on the ship, the one that stop other spellcasters.


Arc have brown short hair, blue eyes, a little bit taller than most halflings, but only by a litlle and Arc have a goatee


Arc Loudry, was sent to school at a young age, later he joined the university, well he kinda got forced by his dad. The reason He got sent to the university was because his older brother also gone to the university and later he was lost on sea. his brother was kinda reckless, which made Arc not wanna be excatly like his brother. Arc of course looked up to his brother but Arc was not his brother so he would like to live his life. and not end up at sea like his brother. his biggest secret is that he hopes he will retire be fore he is 35 and meet a happy and kind girl.
Arc had a youth rivalery with Arrin Dhar.

The reason he haves a goatee that his brother always said he would look good with a goatee.

Arc Loudry (KIA)

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