Kirb Gord

Appraiser and treasure accauntant at the Dragonfly


Kirb Gord is a short and slim halfling wielding two short-swords. His short hair is dark brown and unattended, he has green eyes and his face is rather slim. He normally wears dark blue, loose pants and a long-sleeve shirt.

He is usually jolly, smiling at most situations. He has a habit of playing around with coins, throwing them up just to palm them as they fall back into his hand and flipping them between his fingers.

He likes spending time at inns and other populated areas. And he also likes messing around with simple machinery such as locks. He disslikes men who have their richdom handed to them and would gladly help out to lighten their pockets, with or without their approval.

He also seem to preffer the company of men rather than the company of women.

plot hooks:
- Never knew where he came from.


Kirb Gord was born and raised as an only child in the city of Tradeport located on the island Oakland. He lost his parents in a fire when he was only 3 years old and had to live in an orphanage. There he met his best buddy Gavin whom he escaped the orphanage with at the age of 8. The two of them were incepterable and survived on the streets of Tradeport with good teamwork and the motivation of survival.

The two of them got into small streetgangs with other homeless kids were they stole what they need and lived how they wanted. When they got into trouble they often had the others to help them out, they were like a little family for eachother. Kirb lived like this for many years. He and Gavin had grown dependent on eachother, Kirb’s smart tactics and knowledge of the streets was important to his survival. But not as important as having his best buddy watching over him, being able to help if anything went wrong.

But living a life in danger will eventually get you hurt. One night after a robbery on a rival streetgang, Kirb and Gavin was in big trouble. They had atleast 10 of them on their tail and they were catching on. Kirb led the way over a part of the market were construction was going on. The two of them jumped and climbed to get to the top of a construction tower. Kirb knew it was dangerous but they had little choice. He planned to jump from the tower, over the river to a building on the other side. Kirb was aware that he was the best jumper so he took the jump first, barely making it and getting ready to catch Gavin if he wouldn’t. As Gavin was about to jump the rival gang had catched up to the tower and rammed into it making the construction fall. Gavin fell with it all 12 meters and that’s the last time Kirb saw him.

Kirb grieved for weeks. He knew he could not survive on the streets without his best friend so he did the only thing he could: He ran away from all of it. He asked for work at the first ship in sight, the Dragonfly, and has sailed with Captain Phil Vimes and the crew sinced then.

Kirb Gord

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