Phil Vimes

Captain on the dragonfly


Phil is fairly tall, for a halfling. He’s slim and good looking with medium long brown hair and big blue eyes.

His clothing consists of a long blue captain’s coat with a matching captain’s hat, under his coat there’s white shirt with poofy arms and black leather pants

Phil is charming and knows a thing or two about how to get information. He’s adventurous and doesn’t back down from a challenge. He likes grand tales of adventure and the dragonfly, he dislikes green tea and getting shot in the gut.

Fred Vimes

Plot hooks.
- Never found the one who killed his fiancee.
- Has four brother’s who also travel the world.


Phil grew up on the island of Darm, with his five brothers and sister. Phil became good friends with Valdy Darm, who would at a later time be the first of his crew members. At the age of 20 Fred, Phil’s twin brother left Darm to travel the world, as it is custom in the Vimes family when you come of age, however Phil decided that he wanted to stay at the family farm together with his fiancee, Ellie. For five years Phil Lived at the farm when suddenly out of nowhere Darm was attacked in the middle of the night, the attackers left as fast as they came and in the aftermath Phil found the love of his life dead, murdered by an unknown assailant. Four years later Phil left Darm with Valdy to look for a ship and a crew to explore the world with.

Phil Vimes

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