Valdy Darm

The Dragonfly's cannoneer and Phil's friend from their younger days.


The halfling standing in front of you is roughly 95 centimeters in height, he’s well fit and he’s got a slight tan on his skin. Natural blond hair goes over his hair slick, seeming as if he has put alot of oil, if not grease in his hair. His right ear has a split, possibly a cut form a sharp object, he rarely tells anyone how he got that.

He got ocean blue eyes, which looks at everything and everyone with a sharp intensity. His teeths are white as pearls, he seem to care alot of his looks. Possibly trying to impress someone. He smells of cologne as well. Somedays a tad to much.

He fancies tight pants with large boots which goes all the way up to his thighs, several belts around his waist where he holsters all his firearms. His shirt is a fairly normal white shirt. He wears a knee long nutty brown coat. His right hand got a long fingerless glove which goes all the way up to his elbow.

More often than not he is seen smiling, especially when he get’s to do what he does best. Firearms.


Valdy Darm

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