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  • Oakshade

    Oakshade is the capitol of the free [[Halfling Commune]]. Its grown up around [[The Grand Oak]] over the course of several hundred years and is a prosperous. It hosts the [[Council of Oaks]].

  • Oakland

    Commonly referred to as "The Mainland" by Halflings, Oakland is the largest island in the [Halfling Commune]]. IT houses two of their greatest cities, namely [[Tradeport | the tradeport of Tradeport]] and [[Oakshade]] as well as houseing [[Grand Oak | The …

  • Cape Darim

    Cape Darim is a Treacherous cape on the South-Eastern end of the island [[Kavin]]. Cliffs, and underwater rock formations make passing directly through the cape almost impossible, even for smaller vessels. Lately ships have been dissapearing around the …

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