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The Last Voyage of the Sea Kings

Its a calm era in the regions around the The Great Ocean. Our story starts in the Halfling Commune, a seafaring nation that consists of several smaller islands surrounding the larger island Oakland.

It’s an era of trade and prosperity, the halflings are doing well for themselves in the larger world as well as here at home.

Little do these people know that in a far corner of the word, evil is stirring once again, far enough away to not be felt by the most powerful sage.

As an era of prosperity ends, will our brave heroes be able to handle the new tides?

Prestige Points

Player Points earned (Points spent)
Christian 0
Haakon 0
Håkon 1 (0)
Mads 3 (0)
Mats 1 (0)
Øystein 3 (0)

Last Voyage of the Sea Kings

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